My Story

Before Baby


Before baby I was the "fit girl."  I danced, had a social life, was organized, made my health a priority, had gobs of energy, was my own boss, traveled the world and had a great fashion sense.

Best & Worst Day


Was admitted to the hospital 6 months pregnant and prayed for the best. I was balancing caring for our lil angel in the  NICU 16 hours a day for 26 days then going home to breast pump and "sleep" a few hours. 

Baby Mama


As a late-bloomer Mama, I was overjoyed having Camila in my life. She was an incredible baby and toddler, However, I slowly began to loose my identity in myself and my relationship with God.  

Bring On The Stress


It felt like everyday was on repeat and I was never able to fully recover from the day, month or year before. I ate anything or nothing at all, no daily exercise, no sleep, no help and no time for myself.



My Thyroid disease, leaky gut and gluten intolerance skyrocketed in the Spring of 2014 till the Spring of 2018. During this time I dealt with stress, anger, weight gain, vertigo and cancer.



December 18, 2018 my ultrasound confirmed that my Thyroid tumor was calcified. God totally healed me and He hooked me up with the right people and tools to help me with my healing journey.