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Healthy Habits


Being that I am perfectly imperfect, I change my morning breakfast routine depending on the day. Most mornings, I start my day with an organic green tea or detox tea from either "Yogi," "Numi" or "Traditional Medicinals" combined with my detox essential oils.  After my tea I drink my green juice and green smoothie which is packed with superfoods, fiber, protein and omega's.  


Pump it up, dance it up or stretch it out.  As long as your moving and possibly groovin' then you most likely are releasing endorphins which helps reduce your stress.  If people treated exercise like they do their prescription meds then we might have a few more happy Mr. Roger's running around town.  Could you imagine not taking your insulin as a diabetic?  Nope!  Then why do we not treat our exercise habits the same?  It doesn't matter what you do as long as you enjoy it and you stay consistent. 


Everyone knows the importance of sleep but did you know that a chemical called adenosine may cause a hormonal imbalance and increase inflammation in your body?  For women, sleep deprivation is also associated with thyroid disorders, obesity, infertility, migraines, heart disease, high blood pressure and may increase the ghrelin hormone.  

Set your bed timer at the same time every night to encourage consistency.

Diffuse lavender oil, read a book and enjoy the peacefulness of silence!

Intermittent Fasting:

Do you find yourself staying up late trying to get everything marked off your "to do" list then it leads into craving that salty or sweet snack?  If the answer is yes, congratulations your human. Did you know that allowing your body to fast for at least 14 hours per night can help decrease your chance of cancer, oxidative stress, obesity, diabetes and stroke.  It also helps increase weight loss, brain function, boosts your immune system and metabolism and encourages your body to repair and detoxify. 

Set your meal timer at the same time every night to encourage consistency.

Diffuse anti-craving oils or place on your body to help eliminate cravings.