The Good Ole' Days


As a former Dancer, Track Athlete and University of Oregon College Cheerleader I knew the determination and dedication it took to have a fit and healthy physique. 

Mama Mayhem


In the baby and toddler days, my "exercise" consisted of walks on the beach, bending to pick up baby toys and randomly running after Camila.

Motivated Mama


Watch out Brittany! You ain't got nothin on this motivated Mama who is laser focused, dancin like it aint no one's business and is bringing along a crew of Mama's too!!

Why Exercise?

How Does Exercise Help With My Thyroid?

Exercise has been proven to help thyroid patients lower their TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels and help increase their T3  (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine).  When you shake your groove thang you naturally will increase your metabolic rate, stimulate appetite, digestion, breakdown of nutrients and absorption, increase oxygen consumption, raise your breathing rate, heart rate and contraction strength.