Before Baby


Before baby I was the "fit girl."  I danced, had a social life, was organized, made my health a priority, had gobs of energy, was my own boss, traveled the world and had a great fashion sense.

Best & Worst Day


Was admitted to the hospital 6 months pregnant and prayed for the best.  I was balancing caring for our lil angel in the  NICU 16 hours a day for 26 days then going home to breast pump and "sleep" a few hours. 

Baby Mama


As a late-bloomer Mama, I was overjoyed having Camila in my life.  She was an incredible baby and toddler.  However, I slowly began to loose my identity in myself and my relationship with God.  

Bring On The Stress


It felt like everyday was on repeat and I was never able to fully recover from the day, month or year before.  I ate anything or nothing at all, no daily exercise, no sleep, no help and no time for myself.



My Thyroid disease, imbalanced hormones,  leaky gut and gluten intolerance skyrocketed in the Spring of 2014 till the Spring of 2018.  During this time I dealt with stress, anger, weight gain, vertigo and cancer.



December 18, 2018 my ultrasound confirmed that my Thyroid tumor was calcified.  God totally healed me and He hooked me up with the right people and tools to help me with my healing journey.

Before Baby:

As a native Californian, I’ve lived a border less life in Oregon, Europe, Nevada, Mexico and Africa.  I had the blessing of being a part of the entertainment world as a University of Oregon Cheerleader, high school coach and choreographer.  In my “glory days,” I was a dance runner-up for Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial, performed at Disneyland and was featured in various movies and music videos such as "Last Name" by Carrie Underwood as Priscilla Presley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f27zNlmRMW

Best & Worst:

When I became prego, my adventurous life came to a halt.  I knew my first and only baby was a girl and that we were going to name her Camila.  My OB-GYN couldn't detect a heartbeat at our first appointment so we immediately rushed to a radiologist who also had a challenging time detecting Camila's heartbeat because he discovered a chorionic bump.  My radiologist recommended me to be on bed rest for a month in hopes that the chorionic bump would dissipate. Camila had kicked the chorionic bump to the curb and then we faced our next challenge of having a cyst on her umbilical cord which could cause genetic complications.  The cyst wasn't providing her the necessary nutrients to help her growth but we knew our lil fighter would overcome and prevail once again.  Camila graced us with her larger than life presence at 7 months and weighed in at 3 lbs. 6 oz.  

Baby Mama:

As a new mama, my complete focus was caring for Camila's every need and forgetting about mine. Isn't this what all mama's do?  Yes!  However, I had no idea that my health was slowly slipping away. Day by day, month by month and year by year I became more exhausted, frustrated, forgetful, irritable, sensitive to cold and dealt with weight gain which was never a concern.  I knew something wasn't right and requested that my doctor check my hormones.  She said, "let's put you on a depression medication.  I am sure your suffering from postpartum depression."  I said, "I am not depressed, I am frustrated."  At that point, I knew I was on my own in having to discover the root cause of my issue. I definitely knew that it didn't include using synthetic drugs to "heal me."  

Bring On The Stress:

It was the fall of 2017 when I knew that my health had taken a turn for the worse.  I ignored the bulging bump on my thyroid until Spring of 2018 when it literally smacked me right in the bum. After falling down the stairs for the 4th time, I could no longer ignore the intolerable vertigo symptoms and went to the ER.  The ER doc was perplexed by my thyroid nodule, breast lump, ovarian pain, vertigo symptoms and ordered several tests including a back x-ray and a CT scan. My ER doc requested me to follow up with my general doctor who referred me to my endocrinologist. 


After meeting my endocrinologist, he immediately scheduled a fine needle biopsy for the following day and gave me my results within 24 hours.  The results weren't good and the tumor was fast growing and aggressive.  I scheduled an appointment with another endocrinologist for a second opinion and he confirmed that my tumor was rapidly increasing in size and recommend I have a Thyroidectomy and be placed on a permanent synthetic thyroid drug.  Oh boy! Following my second diagnosis, I scheduled an appointment with my ENT cancer specialist and set the date for a Lobectomy with the possibility of a Thyroidectomy.  


After a few months of questioning myself and my decision about my surgery, I decided to cancel my Lobectomy.  I chose to not live in fear.  I chose to not be bullied into going the conventional route like most people and fight for my family.  I chose to be the strong person that I was created to be.  Once that decision was made, I immediately informed my cancer specialist that I will pursue my own detox program and he was wonderfully supportive.  I used my resourceful nature by implementing detox modalities, juicing, green smoothies, watching multiple videos of “Autoimmune Secrets,” and trusting in God.  I discovered what it meant to truly trust the unknown and heal my body with God made food for a God made body.  On December 18, 2018 I received the best news which confirmed that healing does come from the inside.