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"Your Business is My Business"

About Us

Hola & Welcome!!

My name is Rebecca a.k.a “Resourceful Rebecca.” 

I’m a late-bloomer Mama, wife and entrepreneur dedicated to helping late-bloomer Mama’s build their dream as an on-line essential oil entrepreneur every step of the way. Literally, from start to continuum. 

For most of my life, I questioned authority, lived by the beat of my own drum and was famously independent, which naturally led me to be the Mamapreneur I am today. 

Who We Help?

Our team and programs cater towards late-bloomer Mama’s who are spanking new to the EO world or veterans who are currently affiliated with our company and looking for advancement. 

We strongly believe in working as a team.  You are never alone in this everchanging EO world. We are in this together.

A.K.A Medicine

What's in your medicine cabinet?  We love knowing that we are more then just Mama's. We are our own essential oils "specialist" who help our loved ones live naturally and help educate our community.






Time Management

Referral Program Developer

Entrepreneurship Development

Support Underdeveloped Countries

Personal & Professional Development

Domestic & International Opportunities

Support Operation Underground Railroad Human Trafficking

Essential Oil Programs

We provide a variety of EO programs that encourage immediate advantages in developing your online biz without wasting time or money. 

Our unique programs provide a proven step-by-step approach and are developed with love and support in mind. "Your Business is My Business."

Girl Boss

Gain financial and time freedom by creating the life you've always dreamed of.  Be your own girl boss and experience life to its fullest. 

Imagine what it would be like to work from home, make a fantastic income, travel abroad with your biz, work with like-minded Mamapreneurs, feel love and support in a team setting and learn how to create an online essential oil biz. Ladies, you can have it all.


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Resourceful Rebecca

PO BOX 434576, San Ysidro, CA 92143,

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