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My name is Rebecca a.k.a “Resourceful Rebecca.”  I’m a wife, late-bloomer Mama, Health Secret Advocate, Certified Essential Oil Coach and a mama-pre-neur. As a health enthusiast, I am dedicated to empower, educate and enhance lives by teaching healthy habits that are easy to follow. 

On December 18, 2018 I received amazing news that my Thyroid tumor became calcified!! Best news ever.  As a survivor, overcomer and natural leader I felt led to share my personal success story with you in order to help guide you through your own personal healing journey.

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Hearing the word CANCER changes everything. Immediately, I researched the best protocols, remedies and super foods that I could incorporate into my daily anti-cancer program. After months of trial and error I found my answer and I want to share it with you.  My personal protocol caters towards those suffering from a Thyroid condition who are spanking new to the health world or who are wanting to up the ante on their health.

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Certified Essential Oil Coach

What's in your medicine cabinet?  We love knowing that we are more then just women. We are our own health activist and "specialist" who have the innate ability to learn and implement a natural lifestyle for ourselves and for our loved ones.  As a previous Drug and Alcohol Detox counselor and manager, I learned how western medication damages lives which is why I choose plant based medicine and homeopathic remedies for me and my family. As a Certified Essential Oil Coach, I will guide you through the necessary oils that I used to help bring healing to my body and the oils I use for my family.

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LESS:                                       MORE:

Stress                                      Joy

Anger                                      Peace

Bloated                                   Energy

Joint Paint                             Patient

Depression                            Focused

Forgetfulness                    Motivated


Healthy Habits

We provide a variety of health information that encourages immediate adaptable changes in developing your own healing journey without wasting time or money.  My unique Thyroid protocol provides a proven step-by-step approach and has been developed with love and support in mind. "Your Health is My Business."  My Thyroid protocol includes exercise, recipes, essential oils, detox treatments, superfoods and stress management. 

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Resourceful Rebecca

Gain knowledge and happiness by creating the life you've always dreamed of.  Be your own healthy girl and experience life to its fullest. Imagine what it would be like to reduce your stress and increase your energy all from the comfort of your home.  Join me in learning how to feel love and support on how to create a healthy lifestyle.  Ladies, you can have it all!!

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